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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some brief changes...

I apologize everyone for the late post, I promise I will update more frequently.


UPDATE: Nvidia has released a new driver, which includes the optimization of Dragon Age II - here is the link. Win 7 x64 bit Win 7 x32 bit (External mirror from guru3d)

Lets fight!
So here it is, what I feel the differences are between these two games, I will start with combat. Though it may look the same most of the time during combat, if you paid enough attention to it you will realize there are several changes that Bioware implemented. I feel they have made combat a lot more flexible and easier when they gave players huge amounts of tactical slots for every character - which pretty much sums up the combat system because a lot of times in Dragon Age we rely on these tactics in difficult situations. In Dragon Age: Origins players had to purchase tactical slots with level up points by means to increase the flexibility during combat, but instead the challenge seems to have perished in Dragon Age II. Visually speaking, both has their own strong points - Dragon Age Origins offered "Deathblow", which whoever manages to successfully land a final blow will perform a special move - such as decapitation, chopping enemies in half, etc. Dragon Age II doesn't seem to offer such but combat skills in general look a lot more flashy, and blood seems to splatter everywhere, those are the differences in combat.

Performing a special attack - DAII

Next, interactions and relationships between characters. When I first started playing Dragon Age: Origins I thought the system was interesting, you can talk and learn about each characters history and background, in addition learn that you can fulfill some of their objectives (or not!) and in the end you become more attached with them. In Dragon Age II though, I felt there wasn't much story and interaction between characters except the occasional allowed conversations in their houses - which wasn't too often considering the length of DA II. For me personally, I wasn't as attached and close to the characters in DA II, rather more like they're just there for the sake of having a party member. 

Wait... what is my goal again?
Though I haven't finished the entire DA II gameplay, what I have been perceived so far is quests right now is taking me nowhere, I am just running around fulfilling random quests that don't seem have a huge relationship with each other - but I intend to finish it and I will post another update about it. Which comes to having me talk about the map system of DA II, environment seems dull when you have to return to the same place doing different quests numerous times - from what I remember DA: O offered a more unique experience with each quest. Lets get back to the goal - as for DA: O, I knew from the beginning there was this Arch Demon I had to destroy, and ultimately I can relate which quests are bringing me closer to the final battle. Here is a screenshot of the Demon.

The Arch Demon! DA: O

It was clear from the start that I had to gain trust from the dwarves, the circle of magi and the elves to form an alliance before stepping into the final battle - the process was fun as well, I was able to fulfill side quests and gain unique items, at the same time gaining knowledge of the companions who are with me. So that is it for now, be sure to check back, I will post another update regarding the end of DA: II.

I am currently playing Just Cause 2, in my opinion one of the better open world games out there - I recently installed some mods for the game and I just can't seem to stop playing! That is what my next huge post will be based on, so be sure to check back!

Any feedback and comments are welcome : ) thanks! and hope you enjoyed my review!

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