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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My top "to-play" list for now

Cole phelps' at his best
Jumping sequences

I know, it isn't a PC game, but growing up as a Rockstar fan I can not simply skip out on this masterpiece (if only they programmed it for PC as well...). Even though it's all similar to games like "GTA" and "Bully", the first awe I became attracted to were the dynamic facial expressions and animations the game introduced. I believe its the first time it has ever been done, and it brings it to a different level for it's audience.

I'm still mid-way through the story, but so far it's been intense and diverse, keeps me guessing all the time - and I can tell you I make a terrible crime investigator. It also stutters from time to time, I find it a little surprising as graphics are mediocre from my experience.

I will update you guys again once I'm finished with the game, its still a marathon, but an exciting one and I can not wait to fire my Xbox 360 and get going again!

I've been following the series since the first franchise came out, and I've always enjoyed the combat system, and being able to create a smooth rhythm while skipping across towns. I'm not sure if the story is what captivated my attention, probably because my intervals between the series were too long for me to remember what is going on. I guess theres also an excitement as it provides me with a sense of mystery all the time.

I'm also half-way through the game, there are many lairs to explore and bounties to hunt, but i'm not the "100% completion" type of person. I might do the majority of extra content, otherwise I will get right to the story and find out what is happening. As always, Ezio Auditore - industrious as ever, never fails to impress me with his clothing and accent, including the battle animations when executing enemies.

I also will provide you guys a more complete review once I'm finished with the game, stay posted and see you guys soon!

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