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Monday, May 30, 2011

Top personal picks - upcoming games

"scream". Photo by Maks Karochkin

Theres always a serious hype when new games are announced, and your anxiety grows with it whenever glimpses of content is released to the public. I have my own set of games that I'm waiting to get my hands on, and these are my picks:

"Not even death can save you from me..."
Diablo IIIThe Diablo series has been with me for as long as I can remember, and if you're like me, theres no chance you're going to skip out on this title. My vivid memories began with Diablo II beta, and I remember coming home one day with my brother, opening up our emails and Blizzard offered us a beta key. We rushed into it and the next thing I remember was my barbarian running around slashing enemies with two gemmed long swords, it was epic.

And while I haven't gotten my hands on Diablo III yet, to my knowledge Blizzard always come out with promising experiences for their fans, despite the title. Also, it's most likely concluded that the delaying is certain, question is, how long are they going to delay it this time? Personally I'm not too bothered by the delay as I'm in no rush to play this game - but I have to admit it is hard sometimes whenever they publicize new content to their fans! So i'm sure those of you who are familiar with the franchise will most likely have seen Diablo III videos, what do you make of it so far?

CoD: MW3 - I've began playing the Call of Duty franchise since the beginning, but only started playing multiplayer when Modern Warfare 2 came out. Had major fun with it since I've been playing competitive FPS before, so I consider myself as a decent player, along with other friends I usually team up with. I moved onto Black Ops after awhile, but eventually got too frustrated with not being able to team up with friends frequently.

The reason I stuck to it for so long were the killstreaks, thats my first concern with MW3, what better than blowing players up with a chopper gunner or an ac130? It also made me a little more competitive as I tried to reach that particular streak. Controls and response are the least of my worries for this game, if you've read my previous post at here, I accentuate on it. Although the excitement for MW3 isn't reaching the top, mainly due to Battlefield 3, I have high hopes for Activision and will pull off something special like they previously had to me.

Frostbite 2 engine...
Battlefield 3 - Although this game doesn't support killstreaks, the Frostbite 2 Engine is simply stunning. After watching a few videos of development stories and demos, I was sucked into it and already knew I'll be purchasing this in the future. I'm not that familiar with the series as I went on and off with it, mainly due to the strong team-oriented style, while CoD in PC had fewer players per team, making it easier for me and my friends to change the final outcome. This franchise also offers destructible environments, which has became a trademark now. And i'm one of those players who enjoy blasting people out of cover, chucking a random grenade just to see concretes blown into pieces.

If you haven't already, check out the videos of Fault Line and a coverage by PWNED, these two videos should be more than enough to keep your interest up until the game comes out in Q4 2011.

These are on my to-buy list as of May 30th 2011, what are your picks for upcoming franchises?

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