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Saturday, May 28, 2011

If I were to develop a game sequel...

"Big hand on dirt." Photo by Michel Filion

It's been a really interesting subject for me when developers decide to create a sequel for a particular game. I sometimes think to myself "what can be implemented in the next game so it fits my style?" Now theres a wide range of games I can talk about but games such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Diablo are on my top list (actually The Witcher as well but waiting to play the sequel) but I will focus on the Mass Effect series first.

I won't be analyzing the game, I'm going to assume that you're familiar with this title already. What I'm going to do is jot down and brainstorm my own ideas - sharing with you what I believe should be achieved in the next sequel.

Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2

The Mass Effect series is well known for it's diverse interaction, relationship and decision making with characters - as for the main story it didn't really catch as much attention, it's more about the individual stories that companions have to offer, and how I want to progress further into it. It's the reason why BioWare produced a few expansion packs for players to pursue that idea of progressiveness, and to dig out a deeper understanding with the characters. Main thing is, I want to create a story of my own, not relying on the expansion packs because it plays out differently - but BioWare can not cultivate this idea and satisfy millions of audience.

Here is an interesting idea, will future gaming take us to a point where games like Mass Effect become so abundant in choices and even more diverse than it is already, where there is no such thing as "the end"? more like "one of the many endings" and so on. In my experience they already have different ends to the story to keep the player interested - but it is still fixed and is still one of the choices. Let me know what you think.

We all know Mass Effect 3 is in production, and to be honest the transition from the first game to it's sequel was truly amazing and I enjoyed it even more than the first one. So I hope they do not repeat the same step like the Dragon Age series, as high hopes were cut down because DA: 2 was a mediocre game for what DA: O offered.

I'm going to make a list to what I hope to see in Mass Effect 3

  • A little bit more open world, free exploring and random encounters in/off spaceship (if any).
  • Cut down on scanning planets - and make use of them.
  • More progression with companions, maybe more side stories and quests - and the ability to gain extra skills if completed.
  • Cut down on player customization? (honestly i'm not a big fan of messing around with nose / chin heights, but I do appreciate players out there who do so for the community to use)
  • More customizations for spaceship : ) and being able to use it in case of enemy carriers etc.

Come to think about it, in regards to my previous post about fundamentals to a good game - and in matters with storytelling and how it should always play a huge role for developers, what do you think will happen in Mass Effect 3? Depending on your ending for ME2, It makes it interesting that everyone has their own story. So share them out at the comments section below!

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